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10 May 2009 @ 02:23 pm
My thoughts of when the Leeves Breaks  
Here coming my thoughts of the Episode, I hope my English is ok :D

Dammit I have expected to much from this epsiode, more Tension, but it was so much talk, not  that i don't like the epy, but I was expecting more. Who should i begin, Sammy Hallucinations, it was a great to see Colin Ford again, he is so sweet as Little Sam and perfect for the Role and it was a great a Idea to confrontate Sam with his younger self. And then wie had Alastair, I was really happy to see him, i really like Christopher as Alastair, he played the Role so great, but it was a little bit sad that he was only there for um.. 3 min. and then we had Mary, I was shocked about the things she said, but we all know it was only Sam hallucination and i hope it was not the real Mary, but i didn't think she would say such bad thinks about Dean. It was hard to see Sam locked in the Panic Room, because I'm a little bit more Sammy Fan :D and sometime I had pity with him but in the other Second i think it was right.

And then Dean and Bobby, i was shocked that Dean is thinking about letting Sam die, it was something I never had expected and it was so good to have Bobby in the Episode. I don't know if its good that Dean trust the Angel so much, I don't know if their planes are really good.

And then we had Anna and Cas it is so sad, that Anna is thrown back, i really liked her Charakter, I know most of you doesn't like her :D! And i don't understand Castiel, why do he let Sam out of the Panic Room, i really don't like his behavior in this ep, it's the Cas from the beginning... :(

And the big Question is what do Ruby want? I think she doesn't want sth good, you can see it on her Face when Sam is drinking her blood, i think that she works for Lucifer and tries to break the last Seal with Sam, but I'm not sure.

And then we had the big Figth from Sam and Dean at the End, it's hard to see the Brothers split up, because from the very beginning they were insereably and this is what I loved about Supernatural, I don't think that they can fix things after evertything it's over like Sam think... And Dean's sentence if you walk out that door, you never come back....was a Deja-vu Moment (Sam/John)

But I'm so excited for the Season Finale, the Trailers are looking very good, but it is so sad that Supernatural is over than and we have to wait to long for the next season!

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