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17 September 2009 @ 07:00 pm
I know they late, but I'm so  bussy with my Scholarship that I didn't get the Time to post regular.

I have to say I was so excited for this Episode and counted the days for it, wo did it to? :D :D :D 
And all I can say is, I love this Episode. It was a good beginning and It had some new Questions for us.

I really liked Beccy she was great, her reaction was so funny and I think the writer read the Fanpages and boards, because I think everybody from us would have had the same reaction beccy had. I really like her response to Dean "Not what I pictured" and her love for sam xD!

And then we had Chuck back, I really love this man and I hope he will be in more than one Episode, I want a Chuck Stand Alone Episode :D :D :D! And then Meg, one of my Favourite Demons and I found her great like everytime...Ashley (I think she called Ashley?) made a good apperance and I'm excited for the next Meg...

Jim Beaver was amazing in this Episode, i was so shoked when he told Sam to delete his number and Jareds Puppy Face, great, i was about to cry...but i had the Idea that he's possesed, because the Bobby we know wouldn't have said that.

Mischa was amazing too, I really liked him as Castiel and I'm excited to see him again.

That the Boys are not together is okay for me, because I think when all were fine after this it would be not real, they should talk about it, went a little bit on her own and then come back together :D!

I'm sorry for the bad Englisch xD...
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14 July 2009 @ 06:36 pm
I really love doing these questionairies :D and it's a good way to get u guys know a little bit more. It's all about your Top Three Actors, Movies etc...!

Top three...!Collapse )</span></span>
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21 May 2009 @ 12:55 pm
Here is a list from, who i get my resources...

more under the cut...Collapse )
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10 May 2009 @ 02:23 pm
Here coming my thoughts of the Episode, I hope my English is ok :D

If you walked out that door, you'd never come back....Collapse )

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06 May 2009 @ 05:28 pm
It's so much time until the new Episode airs, so i decided to make a little questionaire about Supernatural:

1. Jensen or Jared?
I love both of them, so I don't really can't decide who i like most, they are so funny and I hope to went to a convention soon.

2. Dean or Sam?
I like both of them, I'm a Dean and Samgirl :D

3. Favorite Episode?
Oh I love Many Episodes like : Bloody Mary, Skin, AHBL 1 +2, Simon Said, Yellow Fever, Dream a little Dream of ,me, Bad Day at Black Rock (I lost me shoe :D :D :D ) and so on...

4. Least Favorite Episode?
Red Sky at Morning, I didn't like Bela

5. Favorite Dean Line?
Dean: As long as I'm around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you (Nightmare)

6. Favorite Sam Line?
Kat: Why would anyone want a job like that?
Sam: I had a crappy guidance cunselor (Asylum)

7. Do you think Jim Beaver's character of Bobby should be added to the main cast credits?
Yes he is one of my favourites :D

8. Favorite Bobby Line?
"Family doesn't end with blood"-Something Wicked
Booby: You just go find your Dad, and when you do bring him around would ya, I won't even try to shoot him this time!

9. Best Brother Moment?
When the boys exchange gifts in "A Very Supernatural Christmas"
When Dean sees Sam the first Time after he is coming out from hell and they hug!

10. Character You Miss?
John, Jess, Sarah and Mary

11. Do You Like Casteil?
In the Beginning not, but yet YES!

12. Do You Think the Show Has the Potential to go Past 5 Seasons?
Yes and I hope their will be more than 5 seasons

13. Do you Think Sam and Dean Will Ever Get to Live a Normal Life?
Mhh I don't think so,the will be always something evil!

14. Do you Think They Will Defeat Lilith by Season 4's End?
I hope so

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29 April 2009 @ 07:07 pm
After long time about thinking if I should do a Lifejournal...i said yes. So finally I'm here...
Going to find out how to use lifejournal and hope to find many new people.

I'm from Germany so my English is not so good, and i think about to make my personal Entrys in German...
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